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    Recognition of Prior Learning

    Cert III in BA


    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a term used in Vocational Education and Training to transfer the existing knowledge and skills of an individual to a Nationally Recognised Competency or Qualification. The Relentless Entrepreneur understands that people acquire knowledge and skills from other training programs (both accredited and non-accredited), employment within various industries as well as participation in voluntary, social and recreational activities. By documenting and assessing this experience (or prior knowledge), our assessors may be able to align this experience to a current Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency or Qualification.

    In cases where an applicant can supply evidence that aligns completely with the requirements of the unit or qualification applied for, The Relentless Entrepreneur can issue the relevant Certificate or Statement of Attainment without the candidate requiring further training/assessment. If the documented evidence supplied only partially aligns with the requirements of the unit or qualification, The Relentless Entrepreneur can develop a training plan to cover the missing components required to obtain that unit / qualification. This is referred to as Gap Training.


    RPL is a process intended for individuals that have knowledge and skills equivalent to those obtained by completing an accredited training program. A suitable candidate for RPL should have:

    • Suitable experience that aligns to the qualification that they wish to attain
    • Documented evidence of this experience
    • The ability to demonstrate the required knowledge and skills


    There are many benefits to RPL; some include:

    • Receive recognition of experience in the form of a qualification
    • Reduced training time
    • Reduced training course feess
    • Not being re-trained in skills that you currently have

    The RPL process is not difficult and provides opportunities for individuals to be credited for their existing skills. While experience is a valuable attribute when being considered for employment or promotion, it is often the ‘piece of paper’ that can make the difference for a successful outcome. In addition to this, a client’s perception of your skills can be easily improved simply by showing them your Nationally Recognised Qualifications; a qualification holds equal value whether it was obtained through RPL or by completing a structured training program.


    After completing a Registration Form and lodging it with The Relentless Entrepreneur’s administration staff; the RPL process normally follows five (5) steps:

    1. EVIDENCE GATHERING – The applicant is required to provide documentary evidence of their skills and experience. This needs to be sufficient to prove that they have the skills and that those skills are current. Examples of evidence could include certificates from previous courses, current / recently expired accreditations or licences, documented work history including position descriptions, supervisor reports, samples of work and any other relevant documentation. This evidence needs to be recorded by the applicant on the RPL Application Form.
    2. ASSESSOR INTERVIEW – After review of the initial assessment evidence, the applicant will meet with one of The Relentless Entrepreneur’s Assessors to discuss the application in more detail and provide the applicant with assistance in mapping the evidence if required. In some cases a phone interview may be all that is required.
    3. EVIDENCE ASSESSMENT – The Relentless Entrepreneur’s  assessor will thoroughly review and assess the documentation provided as evidence. This will also involve a verification process. The assessor will complete the mapping exercise and identify any required ‘Gap Training’
    4. GAP TRAINING – There are often ‘gaps’ in the RPL evidence that do not meet the training package requirements. The Assessor will provide the applicant with a training and assessment plan to fill in the gaps. Any additional course fees for this training/assessment and attendance dates will be provided to the applicant by the Assessor when the Evidence Assessment has been completed.
    5. FINAL ADMINISTRATION & QUALIFICATION ISSUE – Once the applicant has provided adequate evidence for Qualification and/or completed the required gap training/assessment, the participant can be issued with their qualification. The final administration tasks usually require the assessor and applicant to complete and sign off final course paperwork.


    The course fees of RPL applications will vary depending on each applicant’s skills, knowledge and evidence supplied during the process. There are three fee categories that should be considered. As a result of this variance, each application will be assessed individually.


    This fee is payable with presentation of your initial evidence and covers the course fees of interviews, initial evidence assessment and Qualification issue.

    Qualification Level  / Course Fees

    Accredited Course; or Single unit of Competency POA

    • Certificate I / POA
    • Certificate II / POA
    • Certificate III / POA
    • Certificate IV / POA
    • Diploma / PO


    Some Qualifications with a high level of practical skill (eg. Outdoor Recreation) require assessment of skills currency. Unless evidence can be produced by current certification or industry accreditation, a fee for assessment of skills/knowledge will apply. This fee will be determined by the assessor depending on the time and other resources required for assessment of the applicants skills/knowledge. If the course / qualification can be adequately assessed without a practical assessment of the applicants existing skills, this fee will not apply.


    In cases where the Assessor has identified the need for Gap Training/Assessment, the applicant will be required to pay the course fees of this additional training/assessment. This fee will vary in each case depending on what training or additional assessment is required. If no Gap Training is required, this fee will not apply.