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    Athlete Development Program

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    Athlete Development Program

    Getting both professionals and young inspiring athletes ready for competition!

    Athlete Development Program


    At The Queensland Academy of Sports Development we have designed a program specifically for Athletic Development to cover both the areas of overall performance and sports specific performance. All athletes need  an effective overall strength & conditioning and nutrition program to maintain health and performance but also need sports specific strength & conditioning and nutrition designed for their chosen sport for maximum effectiveness to succeed!

    We have designed a program that covers all of these factors as a whole and have also designed segregated programs for each chosen sport.

    Our program is effective and designed for all levels to cover beginners, semi professionals and professionals.

    Our program focuses on the key below points;




    Sure, strength and hypertrophy training both use the same tools in the gym, and even many of the same movements, but the exercise combinations, arrangements, and variables involved are specific to their activities. To get really strong or really big, you need to respect those differences in order to maximize your gains. If you’re not committed to a singular goal in the short term, you’ll invariably train for both—and come up short with both.

    Every workout is composed of at least five specific program variables you can alter:

    • Choice of exercises
    • Order of exercises
    • Number of sets
    • Resistance
    • Rest between sets

    All of these variables can be used to your strength-building advantage.

    Muscle Endurance


    The combination of strength and endurance results in muscular endurance – the ability to perform many repetitions against a given resistance for a prolonged period of time (1).

    It is a crucial element of fitness for athletes such as distance runners, swimmers, cyclists and rowers. It’s also important for success in many team sports like soccer, field hockey and Australian rules football.

    Traditionally, muscular endurance programs have used moderate loads lifted for 12-25 repetitions. However, this is completely inadequate for many sports such as boxing, canoeing, distance running, cycling, swimming, rowing, x-country skiing, triathlon and many others.

    Any form of training must mirror the specific demands of the sport. In resistance training, this means that the load used should match the resistance that must be overcome while competing. The number of repetitions or the duration of exercise bouts in a session should approach that during the event.

    Recall that muscular endurance training makes up only one part of the annual strength program – even for endurance athletes. It should follow a phase of maximal strength training. This makes sense because the greater an athlete’s maximal strength, the greater their potential for strength endurance – i.e. the more force they will be able to apply over a prolonged period. Heavy strength training has also been shown to improve exercise economy in endurance athletes (3,4,5). For more information on the the annual strength program see the the sport specific approach to strength training programs.




    Cardiovascular endurance is the most important aspect of fitness. It is basically how strong your heart is, which can potentially add years to your life. The heart is the most important muscle in the human body and if it is kept healthy then you can avoid numerous health problems. Another reason that cardiouvascular endurance is important is because your heart controls the oxygen flow to all your muscles – meaning cardiovascular health has a direct impact on your performance, both endurance and strength wise.


    The reason your cardio performance can be improved is because the heart is a muscle, and like all other muscles in the body if you keep working it it will adapt to the workload given. This allows us to have direct control of how healthy one of the most important systems in our body is. But keep in mind there are other factors that effect heart health, such as cholesteral, and blood pressure. Eating right and exercising will ensure that your heart becomes, and remains, healthy throughout your life.

    Many people are suprised at how easy it is to improve their cardiovascular endurance. All it takes is 15 minutes of exercise while in your target heart rate, 3 times a week. Although this isn’t the most effective way out there, it is a quick convenient way to get into better shape and is definitely perfect for a beginner. Depending on the cardiovascualr exercise, it may also improve muscular endurance.

    Sports Specific Training

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    Sports Performance training is the implementation of specific exercises and variables with the end result being an improvement in your chosen sport.  Every sport challenges and athlete’s physical capabilities in different ways, so, in return, a good sports performance program will enhance the capabilities of the athlete to perform the skills most necessary to their sport of choice.

    Our sports performance programs include the following benefits to the athlete:
    *Injury prevention
    *Decrease wasted effort due to improper movement
    *Increase postural control, balance and stability
    *Increase muscular endurance
    *Increase total strength
    *Elevate maximum power output

    It is important to remember that Sports Performance training includes helping the athlete while they are away from the sports arena or practice field.  With that being said, blanketing these benefits with a focused nutritional and supplementation program will help create adaptation and improve recovery so that the athlete can maximize their athletic potential.

    Diet Planning



    A well-chosen diet offers many benefits to the elite athlete: • Fuel to train and perform at the elite level • Optimal gains from the training program • Enhanced recovery between workouts and between events • Achievement and maintenance of an ideal body weight and physique • Benefits from the many health-promoting components of food without the requirement for supplements • A reduced risk of injury, overtraining fatigue and illness • Confidence in being well-prepared to face competition • Consistency in achieving high-level competition performances • Enjoyment of food and social eating occasions at home and during travel Despite these advantages, many athletes do not meet their nutrition goals. Common problems and challenges include: • Poor knowledge of foods and inadequate cooking skills • Poor or outdated knowledge of sports nutrition • Lack of access to dietitians /nutrition professionals or other credible resources • Inadequate finances • Busy lifestyle leading inadequate time to obtain or consume appropriate foods • Poor availability of good food choices • Frequent travel • Indiscriminate use of large amounts of supplements and sports foods

    Times & Prices

    Juniors (13-18) / $29 per week / 5-6pm / Tuesday & Thursday

    Seniors (18+) / $39 per week / 6-7pm / Tuesday & Thursday

    (5 weeks payment required to start the program then weekly direct debits)

    No Contract and Cancel anytime

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